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beauty blended by man & nature

We've been blessed with a sub-tropical paradise as our canvas. Seaglass Landscaping Co. strives to create beautiful outdoor spaces, where you'll be able to enjoy the best parts of life with the ones you love.


Landscape Maintenance Packages

Basic Cut

Evergreen Plan

360° Plan

lawn mowing service

There is nothing basic about the level of service you will receive with this package!

We will cut, string trim, edge, & blow your lawn on your schedule - leaving your property looking fresh & clean. 

Additional services can be added a la carte, as desired.

With the Evergreen Plan, your lawn will be a healthy green year round.

To ensure it gets everything it needs to thrive, in addition to the standard cutting service, your lawn will receive:

• Quarterly fertilization

• Minor irrigation system adjustments

Taking a measured approach to ensure your yard is picture perfect, & ready to be enjoyed to its fullest year round!

Beyond the comprehensive lawn maintenance included with the Evergreen Plan, your yard be kept pristine with the following services:

• Annual soil tests & irrigation assessments.

• Periodic fertilization & trimming of shrubs, ornamental grasses, hedges, and trees (from ground level). 

• Weeding of plant beds

PLUS discounted project services


Landscape Project Services

A note from the Founder

Our goal is to make your property a place you'll love to hang out - enjoying the best of life with your family and friends.

From my years of experience in the hospitality industry, at one of the finest resorts in the world - I learned that exceptional customer service is key to enduring success in any field.

We'll achieve those results by focusing on our team - like a family, emphasizing personal and overall growth. A happy, educated, and engaged crew will provide better service to our customers. 

We will also adopt better technologies to make your service, and interactions with us more efficient.

By working with Seaglass Landscaping, I promise to focus on building a long term relationship built upon great work, and even better customer service!

- Nick Anusbigian

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